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Orphan Black recap: Season 3 Episode #6 – Certain Agony of the Battlefield

orphan-black-season-3-bannerDid one of the main characters of Orphan Black get killed?  Last week on the game changing episode of the season we saw a new relationship that’s blossoming, someone making it reign like they were at a strip club, the return of not one but two familiar faces and two out of three people survive the of their lives.  Did you tune in like I did?  If not here’s what you need to know before tonight’s new episode.

Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) is back and her timing couldn’t have been WORSE as Cosima (Brainy Clone) has finally taken steps to move on after their breakup.  Delphine comes not baring gifts but instead with questions as to the work that Cosima and Scott (Josh Vokey) have been doing (which they weren’t aware she knew about).  Meanwhile Felix (Jordan Gavaris) pays a trip to the Dyad Institute and convinces Scott to take him to see Rachel (Executive Bitch Clone).  Brother Felix (still worried sick about Sarah) thinks Rachel knows more then she’s letting on.  He nearly bullies her into talking, but Rachel breaks down and has nothing to offer (though she begs him to get her out of there.  Hmmm interesting).  Scott cleans up the mess and as he glances at some of the paintings she’s done he realizes that Rachel may actually know the late Doctor Duncan’s code after all.  I KNEW that bitch was holding out!  Felix should beat it out of her wheelchair constricted ass then put her OUT of her misery.  THIS violence I DO approve of!

Alison (Soccer Mom Clone) and hubby Donnie (Kristian Brunn) made good on their word and paid Jason back the money he was owed.  He told Ali the debt is settled and they are in the clear, but she decides not only will they stay in the drug dealing business, but that they plan to take it to the next level.  The news surpises Jason, but he’s all in when Ali reveals they intend to buy her mother’s soap store through which they’ll launder the drug money.  From soccer mom and suburban housewife to undercover drug dealer, my my how Ali has come a LONG and quite DIFFERENT way from when we first met her in season one.  And they say people can’t change?  HA!

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) has been having the weirdest dreams in which she’s seen her daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler) and Beth (Cop Clone) who she never actually met (remember she jumped in front of a train during the opening scene of the first episode of the series) but has a heart to heart with.  Seems these dreams stem from blood given to her by the Castor Clones mom Dr. Virginia Coady (Kyra Harper) that was taken from Rudy (Scarface Clone).  The defect that the Castor Clones have is contagious and can be transmitted sexual which causes women to become sterile.  She’s been running tests on Sarah (Special Clone) in hopes of finding a cure for the defect and thinks Sarah’s dna could hold the potential answer.  Paul (Dylan Bruce) who’s ALREADY disgusted by the unsanctioned experiments Coady’s been having the boys do on civilian women, confines Coady and those loyal to her to their quarters.

Somehow the word gets out that the base is on lock down and Rudy slithers his way back in and takes lives as he goes.  He frees Miller (Military Clone) who attacks and wounds Paul before he is killed.  Wanting to make sure Sarah gets out, Paul sends her out through a gate then locks it behind her before telling her he’s in love with her.  Paul is found by Rudy and Coady who shoots him multiple times, but before dying Paul pulled the pin from a grenade he was concealing which goes off with Rudy and Coady nearby.  Did they survive the blast?  If you ask me they probably did and will seek vengenace against Sarah, Helena (who came back and found Sarah THANK GOD) and the remaining Leda Clones.  Well game ON bitches!  Tune in tonight at 9pm for the NEWEST episode of Orphan Black.

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