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Orphan Black, series summary and recap of Season 3 Episode #1 – The Weight of This Combination


What if you witnessed a perfect stranger committing suicide and right before they took their own life they looked your way and the person looked JUST like you?  That’s EXACTLY how the series Orphan Black started off two years ago.  The series follows Sarah Manning (the witness of the suicide) as she looks into the life of Beth Childs (the suicide woman).  Sarah pays a visit to Beth’s home (Sarah took her purse after the accident) and by accident assumes her identity when a detective shows up mistaking Sarah for Beth who’s his partner on the force.  So the dead chick was a cop?  FML indeed!

As the mystery begins to unravel Sarah discovers Beth has been in contact with a woman who Sarah tracks down and we meet Alison Hendrix (a wife and mother of two adopted children) who also looks like Sarah.  Ok WTF is going on?  Alison invites Sarah to meet her later at her home and it’s there she is introduced to Cosima Niehaus (a microbiology student with a PhD) who is yet another look alike who explains to Sarah that they are all part of a cloning experiment by a company called the Dyad Institute.  What’s worse is that one of the clones named Helena (she has a Russian accent and looks like Shakira before straightening her hair) is assassinating the clones on some religious “you are an abomination” crusade.  LMFAO!

Sarah as it turns out is the “special” clone because she had a child (a daughter named Kira).  Why does that make her special?  When the clones were created the ability to reproduce was removed from their genetics and none of them should’ve been able to carry a child so Sarah is now a genetic anomaly that has everyone’s curiosity piqued.  Another interesting twist is that not only are Sarah and Helena clones, but they also happen to be be twins.

Over the coarse of the first two seasons we learn that there were other clones, but one by one they’ve been getting sick and dying.  By the end of the second season Sarah (Special Clone) who was taken captive breaks free from capture and rescues her daughter Kira from Rachel (Executive Bitch Clone) with help from Cosima (Brainy Clone), the latest clone to get sick.  They reunite with their sister Alison (Soccer Mom Clone) and then with Helena (Wildling Clone) who soon after gets taken captive by the military thanks in part to a deal brokered by Mrs. S (Sarah’s foster mother) Paul (who was Beth’s monitor) and Marion Bowles (who works for Topside, a group controlling Dyad) to help get Sarah freed.  Sarah visits Marion and meets Charlotte (an 8 year old) who is the latest clone (we’ll dub Baby Sis Clone).  Marion informs Sarah that when Project Leda (the cloning program that created Sarah and her sisters) was going on, a dual cloning program ran by the military called Project Castor was happening consisting of male clones.  The shit JUST hit the fan AGAIN!

As season 3 opens, we find Helena still captive and being put through a series of torture exercises by her captors.  Meanwhile the Castor Clones (the male clones) have gone off the deep end and have been killing people.  They’ve now targeted the Leda Clones (the female clones) but no one knows why and their agenda is unknown.  Meanwhile Topside has sent an investigator to Dyad to conduct a security review.  Sarah is forced to pose as Rachel (who’s still recovering from the injury she suffered last season) in order to fool the investigator that everything is fine.  When he demands to meet Sarah (who’s supposed to be in Dyad’s custody) what are they to do if Sarah is posing as Rachel?  Someone had the good sense to bring Alison in and have her pose as Sarah.  While posing as Sarah we learn that Rachel and Ferdinand (the investigator) not only have sexual relations but have devised a plan to eradicate the Leda Clones.  LUCKILY Sarah as Rachel manages to have the plan called off.

This deliciously wicked sci-fi action drama series is by far one of the BEST shows on tv and one of the shows you’re not watching.  I admit I wasn’t watching at first, but so glad I took the initiative last weekend to binge watch the first two seasons before the season three premiere because it’s FANTASTIC.  Series star Tatiana Maslany is phenomenal and so rightly deserves an Emmy for her versatility.  She plays atleast four different clones an episode and she’s quite brilliant going from clone to clone (each with their own personality and look).  I implore you to catch up on this underrated series and see what you’ve been missing.  Orphan Black returns tonight with episode two of it’s all new third season.  Check your local listing to see what channel your cable provider airs it on.

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