Power recap: Season 2 Episode #3 – Like we’re any other couple

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"Power recap: Season 2 Episode #3 – Like we’re any other couple"

PowerBannerA lover’s weekend that showed the possibilities of how life could be, tensions in the game continue to rise, a bit of jealousy gets stirred up and a deadly bitch finally got what was coming to her.  Here’s what happened on last week on Power before you watch tonight’s all night epsiode.

Jamie/Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and Angela (Lela Loren) did got their long awaited vacation as Angie unexpectedly showed up at the airport to accompany Jamie on his business trip to Miami.  Though it was only a few days, they got to experience what things would be like if they were an actual couple without any of the attachments they have back in New York.  While they live in their love filled bubble, Jamie also manages to handle the business that Stern had sent him down there to do and even managed to squeeze in time to hunt down Pink Sneakers.  On their last night in Miami, the femme fatal shows up at the restaurant the couple were at.  He chases her down, but as he makes his way to finish her off, someone else beats him to the punch.  The real bombshell for Jamie was when Angela told him she is an assistant us attorney and that she’s investigating Tommy, which puts Ghost in an impossibly tough position where the woman he’s in love with is coming after his best friend and business partner.  Now HOW in the hell is Jamie supposed to maintain his legal and illegal businesses, stay with Angela while keeping it a secret from his wife all while somehow finding a way to protect Tommy from Angela and her people taking him down?  I have the slightest idea but I do intend to sit back and watch Ghost try to make the impossible happen.

Speaking of Kanan, he’s been playing wingman to Tommy (Joseph Sikora) while Ghost is away all the while learning details that will put him one step closer to destroying Ghost.  Kanan now knows about the laundromat that’s being used to clean the drug money.  He also finds out that the Taino’s have backed out of their deal which means trouble.  His wingmanning also allowed him to discover that Pink Sneakers is in Miami so he sends Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) down to Miami and it’s him who takes her out before Ghost could.  Kanan also accompanied Tommy to a meet which started off typical until Kanan made things tense which resulted in him and Tommy killing QDubs (Marc John Jefferies) and 2 of his men.  Shit is just falling apart on all sides and Kanan couldn’t be happier.  That SHADY mother fucker needs to get killed off because I’d HATE to see that deceptive bastard ruin Ghost or takeover his business.

Tasha (Naturi Naughton) starts to feel some type of way when Shawn (Sinqua Walls) begins being distant towards her.  Well HELLO Tasha you did put the brakes on anything that could have happened so did you expect Shawn to stay wrapped around your finger?  Shawn is bring smart and may finally have his priorities straight as he views Tasha as family and not as a woman he could have.  That left the door open for Tasha’s best friend LaKeisha (LaLa Anthony) to make a pass at Shawn.  Has Shawn finally shopped pining for Tasha and move on to a woman that has actual interest in him or will knowing that both women want him go to his head?  Only time will tell, but tune in tonight at 9pm for an all new episode of Power which airs on Starz, check your local listings for channel information.

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