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Power Review: Season 2 Episode #1 – Consequences

Last season on the hit Starz series Power, we were taken on a wild ride into the world’s of drug dealing and the club life as we met Ghost and James St. Patrick.  James is a born and raised New Yorker who has a beautiful wife named Tasha with whom he has three with.  He’s also a business man who owns the HOTTEST spot in New York, a club called Truth.  Ghost is a New York kingpin and one of the leaders of the drug dealing going on in New York.  He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and has had blood spilled either through his orders or by his own hand.  So what’s the connection between these two polar opposite men?  They are two sides of the same man for James St. Patrick is Ghost and Ghost is James St. Patrick.  People stay saying it must be hard out here for a pimp?  HELL try being a drug kingpin who’s also doing his hustle on the legitimate business side all while fending off attacks on both fronts.

Now before you go being judgmental just know that James/Ghost (Omari Hardwick) is in actuality not a bad guy.  Aside from his drug dealing he’s a regular guy with real world ambitions who just wants to make his mark in the world and provide for his family.  He also has real world problems which amoung other things includes a businessman who won’t take no for an answer about buying his club as well as a high school flame that comes back into his life rekindling feelings that results in a passionate love affair.  Now I’m not one that supoorts cheating, but I’ve actually been on the fence about this triangle situation and unsure who James should be with.  On one hand you have Tasha (Naturi Naughton) who’s a loving wife and devoted ride or die kind of girl who knows that James is Ghost and has held him down from day one.  Sounds like the ideal woman for him right?  The problem with Tasha is that sees him as the “biggest god damn drug dealer in New York” but nothing beyond being or supporting his dreams of getting out the game and going legit.

On the other end is Angela (Lela Loren) who is his high school sweetheart and one that got away.  She’s the good girl who fell for the bad boy, but managed to get out the hood and make something of herself (she’s a lawyer).  She ALWAYS saw the good in him and never stopped believing that Jamie (what she calls James) could do anything he wanted to do.  The problem with this relationship (besides it being an affair) is that not only does Angela not know that James is Ghost, he knows she’s a lawyer but not that she’s a federal prosecutor.  OH LORD!  LOL.  Her job is a MAJOR conflict with his illegal endeavors so there could never be a real future for the two of them unless James gets out the drug dealing game.

The first season introduced viewers to a slew of characters highlighting the relationships and ties they have to and what makes them important to the series.  The season ended with not one but two hits taken out which left viewers wondering if one or both victims would die.  Tommy (Joseph Sikora) tracked down Nomar Acielo (Vinicius Machado) and stabbed him multiple times as a favor to Ruiz (Luis Antonio Ramos) who found a picture of Nomar’s penis in his teenage daughter’s phone.  Meanwhile the hitwoman dubbed Pink Sneakers (Leslie Lopez) was hired to take out Ghost and went to the club to do just that, but when she fired she shot Tommy’s girlfriend Holly (Lucy Walters) instead.  Pink Sneakers as it turns out was sent by a drug dealer doing time that used to be the man running the streets named Kanan (Curtis 50 Cent Jackson).  Kanan was a mentor of sorts and the man Ghost used to answer to.  It’s still unclear (to me anyway) why Kanan has been secretly orchestrating Ghost’s downfall considering Ghost has been looking after Kanan’s son Shawn (Sinqua Walls) who calls him Uncle G.  I guess when it comes to drug dealers when you’re on top and then fall the only thing you want is to get back on top even if that means taking out your friends to do so.

Season 2 premieres tonight and picks up RIGHT where things left off last season and within the first few minutes we learn if anyone did indeed die.  If you had to choose would it be the child pedophile Nomar or Tommy’s girlfriend Holly?  I’m keeping tight lipped on that, but what I will say is that in the season opener a few secrets will come to light.  Tasha for one reveals to Ghost that she knows about the affair he’s having with Angela and gives her husband an ultimatum.  Will Ghost use this as the opportunity to do what he’s been telling Angela he’s gonna do or will he honor his vows and do right by they wife?  Tommy now knows that Angela is a federal prosecutor and acts on the news, but what he does with the information will shock you.  Kanan who’s now a free man switches up his tactics as he continues with his plans to take Ghost down, but will his son Shawn be with or against his father?  I won’t give anything away because it’s just too damn good to spoil, but a bomb so HUGE will be dropped that in the final moments of the episode will leave ALL wondering just WHAT will James/Ghost?  The second season of Power premieres tonight at 9pm on Starz.

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