Recap: How To Get Away With Murder

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"Recap: How To Get Away With Murder"

How To Get Away With Murder TV SHOW

Did you catch last week’s epsiode of How to get away with murder?  Wasn’t it yet another GOOD episode?  If you didn’t, OMG what the hell were you doing that you weren’t watching when EVERYONE else was GLUED to their tv screens?  SHAME on you, but fortunately for you I’ve your got recap of what happened.

The body of Sam (Annalise’s husband) was discovered and now the world knows that he’s not on the run but in fact dead.  Sam’s sister Hannah Keating (special guest star Marcia Gay Harden) is CONVINCED that Annalise killed her brother and sets out to bring her sister in law DOWN!  As if she doesn’t have enough on her plate to worry about, Annalise’s students continue to panic as the focus of the investigation is directed to the house.  OH NO!

Meanwhile with ALL that’s going on Annalise has absolutely NO time to lose her shit so what does she do?  Work, that’s what and takes on a case for a long standing client who apparently was set up by the feds.  She rocks the courtroom and naturally gets her client off.  GREAT news for her because she she needs to keep her head in the game.

Now can we talk about that ending?  The investigation turns up a ring.  Oh no not a ring?  You mean the ring?  Like the ring Michaela lost the night they got rid of Sam’s body?  I thought so but it turns out the ring belonged to…Sam?  To make matters worse,  there was a finger print and you will NEVER believe who’s finger print it was.  Nate.  Nate as in former Detective Nate Layhey.  Nate as in Annalise’s built like a God chocolate lover Nate.  But what a minute Nate had nothing to do with Sam’s murder so WTF happened?  I so wanna tell you but I think I’ll leave that one tidbit for you to discover when you catch up with the show.

This week is the last episode before the two hour season finale.  Do you plan on being the only ass who didn’t watch the season finale live?  Survey says HELL NO!  So your assignment this week is to catch up before Thursday’s all new epsiode, now run along cuz time’s a wasting.

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