Recap: ‘Humans’ – Season 1 Episode 1

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"Recap: ‘Humans’ – Season 1 Episode 1"

HUmans 1Imagine a world where you can get help with your day to day struggles to allow you to live a less stressful life. Food on the table by the time you get home from work.  The fridge, cabinets and pantry stocked with groceries filling the fridge.  The house spotless and in order.  The kids being dropped off and picked up at school.  Hell even sexual pleasures fulfilled whenever you wanted.  Sounds like a dream or is it?  What if I told you that ALL these things and more could be real, would you want it?  Welcome to Persona Synthetics, a company specializing in the cutting edge world of synthetic humans (androids for you old school chaps).  A synthetic (synth for short) is a lifelike machine built and programed to make your life a whole lot easier.  No they won’t do your work for you (unless you work from home then you’re set for life) but they will shoulder much of your daily burden to allow you the ability to enjoy your life more.  After all you only have but one life to live so shouldn’t we enjoy whatever time we’ve got?

Enter Joe Hawkins (Tom Goodman-Hill) his wife Laura (Katherine Parkinson) and their 3 children Matilda (Lucy Carless), Toby (Theo Stevenson) and Sophie (Pixie Davies).  Joe, drowning between work and trying to maintain his kids and household while Laura is away on a work assignment, decides to purchase a synth (who Sophie names Anita).  Anita (Gemma Chan) is conscious and fully aware of her surroundings and can freely think on her own.  From the pilot we discover that her name is actually Mia and she was part of a small group of conscious synth’s that consisted of herself, Max (Ivanno Jeremiah), Niska (Emily Berrington) and Fred (Sope Dirisu).  The group is led by Leo (Colin Morgan) who’s human.  They were hiding out in the woods and split up as Leo and Max went to get wood while the others set up camp.  Upon returning Mia, Fred and Niska were taken captive.  Bad people have made it a business of stealing and reselling synth’s and thus how Mia eventually ends up being sold to the Hawkins family.  As the mystery unravels we’ll get to understand why these conscious synth’s are deemed “dangerous” by certain parties as well as what the agenda these synth’s have.

After a record breaking debut in the UK two weeks ago (4 million viewers), the new sci-fi series Humans is hoping to make similar waves here in the US (last Sunday 1.7 million US viewers tuned in.  Not too shabby at all for a new cable series).  Adapted from the Sweedish series Real Humans, Humans delves into a world where these robotic wonders can attend to your every need and I do mean EVERY single need.  Now what if a few of these synth’s were not your average synth, say a handful of them could think and act on their own like real humans do.  Would it be a technological marvel or a scary “we should’ve never attempted to play God” kind of bad thing?  That’s the question and theme that this UK adaption will explore.  Are you for or against the age of the synth?  Choose your side as Humans airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC, check your local listings for channel information and tune in tonight for an all new episode.

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