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Recap: Scandal “Gladiators Don’t Run”


Olivia, still held captive, does her Olivia thing and persuades her kidnappers to not turn her over to who’s calling the shots but instead hold a live auction and sell her to the highest bidder.  As word gets out, various charcaters want in on the possibility of owning the world’s greatest fixer.  Amoung them are a few countries, some unsavory characters and even her paramour President Grant.

While the bidding is underway the Gladiators can’t seem to find a way get in on the bidding.  You see the auction is taking place on the dark net (the place on the Internet where all the bad shit happens) and without an invite you’ll never get in.  So what are the good guys to do?  Find themselves a dirtbag to align themselves with so they can get in on the action.  Why hello Mama Pope!  That’s right!  She might be a cold blooded killer but she LOVES her daughter and will do WHATEVER it takes to see her baby to safety.  The Gladiators in conjunction with Attorney General David Rosen work with Mama Pope to get an invitation to the auction.

President Grant is dead set on getting Vice President Nichols OUT of office since learning that Andrew is the mastermind behind Olivia’s abduction.  The task seems easier said then done because every time Fitz and Cyrus make a move to oust him, his counter move causes them to look for another way to get the job done.  Just when they FINALLY have Andrew RIGHT where they want him, he goes Mellie after threatening to expose their sexual relationship.  What’s a first lady to do when backed against a wall?  She goes to her husband and in a rare tender moment between husband and wife, Fitz supports Mellie’s and backs down his assault on Andrew.

Meanwhile as the bidding nears closing, the Gladiators rally together and get in on the bidding war only to find out they’re too late.  Wait WTF?  Seems somebody made an offer and her kidnappers jumped at it.  But who made the bid?  UGH I so wanna say but again, you’ll need to watch the episode and find out for yourself because even I didn’t didn’t see this coming.  My advice?  Catch up some time between now and Thursday because you will WANT to know who made that bid because on this week’s all new epsiode we’ll get to see with our own eyes exactly WHO it was.

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