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Recap: Stella Artois Give Beautifully Tasting Event

Belgian beer brand Stella Artois celebrated the holidays with a beer tasting trailer in the garment district. The daily outdoor event was open to the public until Christmas eve, which made a great hangout spot for people on lunch break or after work. Each person was served a choice of the brand’s finest beer or cider (also known as cidre by Belgians) and received holiday edition Stella Artois glasses as a gift ($12 value).
I am not a fan of beer and tasted the cider, which was a soothing for a non-alcoholic beverage. It was light weight and very tasty before returning to work from lunch. The event was a perfect gathering as it displayed quality time with friends and family before the holiday. However, I think some of the attendees overstayed their welcome as they hogged up some of the sitting areas. Stella Artois is classic as it marked 600 years of brewery and sold in various states and countries.
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