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Recap: SummerStage Presents Rock Steady Crew 37th Anniversary Concert

If you were born in the same time frame as I was, then you would know the contribution that these performers gave to the Hip-Hop lifestyle.  This was the era where you had to be different, Auto-tune was making sure your mic level was correct and if you bit a line then lyrics would fly.

The era where different was the norm and the norm was to be different.  Where Slick Rick was telling stories and M.O.P asked you if you wanted some hardcore.  Where Das EFX took you to the sewers and brought you that real Hip-Hop. Where Kieth Murray told you about the Most Beautifulest thing and Smoothe Da Hustler and Trigger the Gambler broke the language.

This was the golden years of Hip-Hop.  Now before we get a whole bunch of people all out-of-whack. This was MY ERA! This is what I grew up listening to. So yes there is bias when I speak about these Hip-Hop legends.

For anyone who has never heard of these songs, you should.  I bet you find a ton of your favorite songs sampled from them.  But its 2014 and these kids need to be taught a lesson about what hiphop is because in my personal and humble opinion there isn’t much that is currently impressing me outside of Slaughterhouse.  Lyrics have fallen to the wayside and now its about trying to make you say the same 4 words over and over, trying to teach you how to dance or whatever other nonsense is coming out now.

Its said though that Hip-Hop is made up of elements and this year the Rock Steady Crew; led by Crazy Legs, has again brought a stellar performance with his crew.  So the scene is set: Summerstage 2014, Rock Steady Crew, Slick Rick, Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger The Gambler, DV Alias Khrist, Das EFX, Onyx, M.O.P, Cormega, and a special performance by Chris Rivers (The Legendary Big Pun’s son) and even Loaded Lux came to the party!


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