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The Regal Crown Club Program (Because #CorrienteLatina cares)

regal crown club

Hello Movie Lovers! Summer is filled with so many activities to choose from and how to best value your time and money. On severe hot days, we tend to lean towards indoor cool places such as the movies, mall etc. There are several blockbuster films and we can’t see them all especially with the increase in movie tickets. If you are lucky enough, you can buy one movie ticket and sneak into another to get buy one, get one free. BUT, most of us can’t get away with it because of top flight security and employees that rub their noses in everything. Oh well! At least it’s worth a try.

Hope is not lost and you can still find a way to get bang for your buck. If you live, work or hangout near a Regal cinema, you should take advantage of the Regal Crown Club. This rewards program offers free membership (13 years or older) which you can enroll at a theater or online (official site or mobile app) to receive movie swag. If you enroll online, you must have your card activated by a cashier at any participating Regal Entertainment Group theater location. I highly recommend this program because I have been a member since I was 18. Over the years, I have received free movie tickets and concession food based on the points that accumulated from movie theater purchases.

The benefits of Regal Crown Club has increased in the last decade by allowing members to have a physical and virtual card. The more you visit, the more you earn in rewards which can easily be redeemed online. Free concession food, movie tickets, digital downloads, sweepstakes, toy figures, movie posters, accessories, and more are redeemable with your earnings. All gifts vary by points and you will have to pay a flat rate shipping between $8.25 and $8.75. On big release dates, the theater may offer special prizes for club members at participating theaters. In addition, you can transfer a crown club card to another card and the points are still redeemable. Credits do not expire unless you do not visit a Regal theater for more than a year. Reward vouchers such as concession and movie tickets expire after more than 30 days. If you are interested in this program, visit www. or

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