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Reggaeton and Urban Artists Darkan and Yelsid to Release Single and Video for ‘Déjame Saber’

Colombian urban music artists Darkan and Yelsid are set to release their highly anticipated new single and video “Déjame Saber” on Nov. 13.

“Déjame Saber” is a catchy urban track infused with reggaeton rhythm and vibe. The music video for the single, produced by Lui Gallego, abounds in sensuality and eroticism to tell the story of a woman playing love games with two men–Darkan and Yelsid. Like most of their hits, the track is an invitation to dance.

“Déjame Saber” marks the first collaboration on a record by the South American reggaeton and urban music artists, who are strengthening Colombia’s place on the world map in those two music genres.

“Déjame Saber” (Let me know) was recorded in Medellin, city of residence of both Darkan and Yelsid, under the label KGB Records and with the participation of renowned producers DJ SogKapo Beats and Onyl.

“I had lots of fun recording both the song and the video with my colleague and friend Yelsid,” says Darkan. “While we had collaborated on other gigs before, this is the first time we brought our voices together in a recording studio.” He adds, “Now we have this new cool video under our belt.”

Darkan achieved his first international success with “Yo te amo” (I love you), a song that led to his music being discovered in South America and eventually find its way to European radio, in countries such as Spain, the Netherlands and Italy. Other hits followed. “Cambiaste Mi Vida” (You changed my life) with Kevin Roldán established him as a leading urban music artist in his native Colombia.

Years later “Manifiéstate” would arrive, co-produced with DJ Sog and featuring Dany y Magneto. Today “Manifiéstate” is considered a classic of Colombian reggaeton. More recently, Darkan recorded “Que será,” a collaboration with fellow KGB artist Jasmine Ortiz that saw heavy rotation on video and music channels like Music Choice and HTV, winning the #FormulaHTV weekly contest and which introduced him to his U.S. fanbase.

For his part, Yelsid is a legend in Colombian music, with dozens of tracks topping the playlists of Colombian and Latin American stations over the span of a decade-long career.

“I strongly believe that in ‘Déjame Saber’ we have a hit on our hands,” states Darkan.

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