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Review: The 125 Collection Verbena Candle

We received our “The 125 Collection” candle in the mail and it was beautifully sent. enclosed in a sturdy and secure black box, it automatically gives you the sense that they care about their product. We decided to run the candle for about 8 hours a day for 5 days and after more than a week of continuous use of our “The 125 Collection” candle and I must say that it is a great candle. We selected this particular quote candle with the saying:


Why? Well the quote rang true that when you start the day in good spirits, the rest of the day sails just like that.

Now these are not the ordinary candles that you get at the drug store or Yankee Candle. These candles are 100% natural soy that are poured individually into small batches. Meaning that someone is really pouring their heart,  soul and art into every batch. It’s like getting your very own candle made for you.

Now the website says “Made from the highest quality oils, our scents are designed to engulf your surroundings with endless hours of amazing smelling fragrance!” My opinion of this? FACTS! My wife and I opened up the rooms in our 2 bedroom apartment and we were able to smell the candle across the entire house.

There’s a couple of things that I loved about the candle:

  • The Smell of Verbena is beautiful. It wasn’t overpowering but it wasn’t drowned out by normal house smells. Granted that would depend on where you light the candle.
  • The weight of the candle is awesome. There is no fluff to it. it just feels so sturdy. Did I drop it? absolutely not, but it does have a good weight to it.
  • Packaging was clean and crisp with a great attention to detail.
  • Many options to chose from. You have your choice of around 5 scents and more quotes. You can even have your own labels made (with a bigger order)

Now for the not so loved thing about the candle:

  • When you finish burning the candle for a long time the wic builds this black ball looking thing. Is it a big issue? Not at all – just take it off.



Candle specifications:
Candle Jar: Black Matte Finish
Size: Approx 4 inches 3.5 inches
Ounces: 14 ounce jar, 12 ounces of wax

Made with all natural, lead free wick.

So go and get your own candle. You wont regret it!