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Review: ‘Ballers’ Season 1 Episode 2 (Raise Up)

150410-ballers-article-about--300On last week’s episode, we were introduced to Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) as he transitioned into a new career. The former NFL player turned sports agent has a lot on his hands… Spencer may know a lot of big names, but that doesn’t mean he will get the clients. It’s all about trust and strategizing in the sports world. It’s not easy when everyone is calling you at once. After the tragedy of his good friend Rodney, he learns that Rodney did not leave a will for his wife and children. Cold Hearted! Spencer makes a promise that he will help her financially. Doesn’t he know he can’t be a savior to everyone!

After some careful thinking, Charles (Omar Benson Miller) decides to start looking for work the old fashion way (door to door). He visits a car dealership with no knowledge of selling cars or working in the sales industry. This doesn’t stop the dealership from hiring him due to short staff and sales. Charles immediately starts working the day after and encounters a NFL recruiter Larry (Dule Hill) as a potential first client or so he thinks.

Ricky (John David Washington) has a lot of praying and apologizing for the club incident. It not only made headlines, but a red flag to all teams in the NFL. Spencer and Jason (Troy Garity) are on call as they race to save Ricky’s career while they can. Meanwhile, Spencer has bigger fish to fry. He is a pill popper and chews his pills so often as a stress reliever. It is still unknown for the reasons he is heavily taking them. He lend Vernon (Donovan W. Carter) 300k to support his finances because he doesn’t want him to hit rock bottom. There’s a catch 22 to the loan and Spencer has to make it work in order to save what little is left. Vernon’s best friend is the only person that may stop him from moving forward. His career is on the line and funds are running low for both him and Vernon.  Tune into an all new episode of Ballers at 10 pm.