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Review: ‘Big City’ Short Narrative #Tribeca2017

Sometimes in life you are so winded up by so much that all it takes is one person to relieve that stress. Granted it may bring you some unexpected headaches, but you come out of it feeling better.

This is what Big City is. A nine minute journey through the routine that is called life from the perspective of a cab driver; Gurvinder Singh Atwal and his stray drunk passenger played by CJ Fortuna.

When Chris enters Vijay’s taxi, he never expected that they would form an uncommon bond. The night and the new city Vijay moved to; Melbourne, will never look the same way to him again!

Director: Jordan Bond, Lachlan Ryan
Screenwriter: Jordan Bond
Cinematographer: Gerard Warrener
Editor: Dave Redman
Composer: Clancy Bond, Thomas E Rouch
Producer: Jarrod Theodore
Cast: Gurvinder Singh Atwal, CJ Fortuna, Andrew Faulkner
Sound Desinger: Paul Shanahan, Ramsay DeMarco

About the Director:

Lachlan Ryan is currently working as a freelance writer/director, whilst developing a slate of feature film projects. His debut feature film, Reverse Runner, screened theatrically in Australia. Jordan Bond is a writer/director of short films and music videos. His film, She Sells screened at Flickerfest 2015.