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Review: Carrie Underwoods – Greatest Hits Decade #1


Country SUPERSTAR Carrie Underwood is getting ready to welcome her first child with husband Mike Fisher (pro hockey player for the Nashville Predators). Since she’s intending to spend uber amounts of time with their first child, Carrie decided to release a greatest hits album to hold the fans over while she bonds with her upcoming bundle of joy.

If you’re a fan like me who’s been with Underwood since the begining, it’s a pleasant trip down memory lane revisiting the hits that fans fell in love with over the years. For people who have yet to get into the country singer’s music, NOW is the time to start.

This album brings together all 18 of Carrie’s #1 hits giving new listeners a sampling of her four studio albums neatly packaged into a two disc set.

Disc 1 consist of her hits from her debut album (Some Hearts) and sophomore follow up (Carnival Ride). Along with two new songs; Her current hit “Something in the water” and “Little Toy Guns” (likely to be released as a single). Disc 1 rounds out her early hits plus some new current tracks.

Disc 2 has the other 8 hits from her third album (Play On) and fourth album (Blown Away) along with writing session worktapes of the singles “So Small” and “Last Name” (from Carnival Ride) and “Mama’s Song” (from Play On).

An added treat for her fans is the live recording of her performance of “How great thou art” with Vince Gill from AMC Presents: Girl’s Night Out.

Greatest Hits: Decade #1 was released on December 9th and debuted at #1 on the country charts (her 5th consecutive #1 country album) and #4 on the Billboard 200 (her fifth consecutive album to open in the top five). The album is available instores and online everywhere.