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Review | One good pitch (Short Film) | Tribeca Film Festival 2016

One Good Pitch

What can you really write about a 4 minute piece? Well if you saw “A Good Pitch” then you may want to write a piece longer than a sentence.  This short constructs the relationship between a father and son as the father constantly barrages his son about the way he is pitching the ball. Seemingly a metaphor about the way his son lives his life as the end puts a spin on the whole situation. It makes you ask the question “wait. I have questions.”

In one simple sentence “it makes me want to see more” 


Grade: B+


Director Parker Hill

Screenwriter Parker Hill and Evan Ari Kelman

Producer Parker Hill, Evan Ari Kelman, Jacob Baker

Editor Parker Hill

Cinematographer Maria Rusche

Executive Producer Andrew D. Corkin, Bryan Reisberg

Composer James Newberry

Cast Monty Renfrow, Roger Grunwald, Laval Alsbrooks