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SAUSAGE PARTY | Movie Review

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Food for thought?


Fuck the Teletubbies! If there were ever an interpretation that clearly reads a drug-induced hallucination, SAUSAGE PARTY would be it. Love them, or hate them, the duo of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been the masterminds behind some of Hollywood’s top-notch, outrageous, unique, and hilarious comedies. You name it: SUPERBAD, PINAPPLE EXTRESS, THIS IS THE END, and THE (controversial) INTERVIEW. What’s next? Well, now they’ve gone into the world of animation. SAUSAGE PARTY, the first R-rated CG animated comedy about a group of supermarket products on a quest to discover the truth about their existence and what it is that really happens once they’ve become chosen to leave the store.


 It’s that simple, ladies and gentleman. Not geared for kids, OR the easily offended, this party is unique, rude, fun, crude, witty, beyond over-the-top, and definitely humorous on levels one cannot imagine! SAUSAGE PARTY unleashes a star-studded voice cast led by Seth Rogen (Frank) and Kristen Wigg (Brenda), and the best thing about this entire ordeal of literal balls-out-comedy is it doesn’t pander to the latest wussification of America’s overkilled PC standards. That said, no one is spared any kind of ridicule. Not even Stephen Hawking. Humorously, of course. There’s a line between abuse and jokes and I’d like to image we’re all smart nough to read between the lines.  


For decades we’ve been exposed to the old-school tradition in animated flicks about the secret life of things around us. We’ve seen cars, planes, animals, toys, etc. We love them all. They’re touchy and open as they allow us to actually live through the lives of these beings. What’s it like to be them in a non-human POV. However, what’s never really been exposed is a realm of sadistic comedy. One that holds back on nothing. SAUSAGE PARTY delivers it among the secret life of food and their perspective among simultaneous existences – from sociopolitical stereotypes between a bagel (Ed Norton) and Arabic Flatbread (David Krumholtz) who constantly bicker about invasive occurrences in shopping aisles, to a diminutive sausage (Michael Cera) who ponders about his girth and if it really matters more than length.


The overall scope goes beyond as the story’s moral exposes us, the attitude we have towards one another and/or our self-proclaimed flaws, blindly following organized religion, and our horrific ways of treating food. No, seriously. It’s all jammed into one and that’s part of the fun. Sure, there’s an overuse of the word ‘fuck’, lots of sexual tension and/or orientation gags, and cultural clashes… But it’s Seth Rogen & Co. Should we expect any less? The only downfall for this would be to tell your kids this IS a cartoon, but it’s not meant for them. Screw them! These little fuck trophies have it really good year after year. It’s mommy’s and daddy’s turn to enjoy toons to their tunes.


Overall, it’s bizarrely beautiful. Most definitely one of the year’s unique and quite frankly best in my opinion.




Grade: A / Genre: Comedy, Animation / Rated: R / Run Time: 1:30


Starring: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, David Krumholtz, Kristen Wiig, Paul Rudd, Edward Norton, Bill Hader, Danny McBride Craig Robinson, Nick Kroll, Salma Hayek


Directed by: Conrad Vernon & Greg Tiernan

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