Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode #17 – Awakening

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"Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode #17 – Awakening"

sleepys2shobbAs rash of supernatural disturbances happen, Ichabod and Abbie investigate and soon discover a connection between the disturbances and a replica of the Liberty Bell.  Come again now?  Yes I said the Liberty Bell!  Now what the hell does the bell, an iconic piece of American history, have to do with everything?  Clearly something supernatural, this is Sleepy Hollow after all, but the answer is an interesting one.

The cat is out of the bag!  Meow!  Now that Jenny knows Frank is working with Henry Parrish, there’s no point in hiding from the team anymore.  With Frank’s betrayal brought to light, the team must divide and conquer as they attempt to deal with him as well as the current investigation.  Since Ichabod and Abbie’s hands are full, Jenny tackles the Frank problem solo.  Knowing the man Frank was (and could still be) can she get through to him or will she have to put him down?  Or has she taken on more than even she can handle?

Elsewhere Katrina (who’s been keeping her distance since the run in with Soloman Kent) has kept secret that she’s been in contact with Henry.  Mother and son have now formed a bond which Henry is hoping to use in convincing Katrina to help him.  Has Katrina given in and succumbed to her dark side?  Who knows but when the dust settles, someone will pay the price.  The fallout will cause someone to do something that could change everything we’ve come to know.  Who will it be?  What will they do?  All that and more will be revealed tonight at 9pm on an all new epsiode of Sleepy Hollow following an all new episode of Gotham.

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