Snaggletooth | Tribeca 2019 Review

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"Snaggletooth | Tribeca 2019 Review"
Snaggletooth (the movie)

To quote this movie. Watching this is “only as difficult as you make it” I honestly could predict the movie within 2 minutes. But it didn’t stop me from watching.

If the characters were flushed out and a solid storyline created, I could totally see this as a Netflix original storyline. The fork in the road is whether it’s based on the patients or the dentist!

Cast & Credits

Director: Colin Bishopp 
Producer: Joe Sikoryak 
Screenwriter: Colin Bishopp 
Cinematographer: Stephen Berke 
Editor: Terry VerHaar 
Executive Producer: Millie Kerr, Andrew Griffin, Cisco DeVries, Jack Bernard, Adam Perry, Andria Cantu 
Associate Producer: Mary-Alice Farina 
Cast: Jolie Ledford, Sierra Marcks, Susan Louise O’Connor, Thomas Cokenias 
Production Designer: Shane Izykowski 
First Assistant Director: Alisha McCutcheon