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Summerstage Presents: DITC and Friends live from Crotona Park – See what happened!!!!

Lord Finesse

If you ask me who my favorite crews of all time are I would answer it this way – WuTang, Juice Crew, DITC, Bootcamp Click, BDP and I’m sure im forgetting some group, but this time around its DITC and friends Live from Crotona Park in the Bronx! was there to cover this great event. Our resident photographer and videographer Ticnology (Twitter / Instagram) was there to make sure that you relive the experience and in some cases live it for the first time.



About the Event!

D.I.T.C. featuring LORD FINESSE A.G., DIAMOND D, DJ BOOGIE BLIND, LARGE PROFESSOR -In association with Lyricist Lounge Presented by SummerStage

One of the most beloved hip hop crews in rap music, D.I.T.C. (an acronym for “Diggin’ in the Crates”) consists of veteran rappers, DJs, and producers dedicated to the true essence of rap music: original lyrics and strong beat-savvy productions. With their dedication to hip-hop purity, members Showbiz & A.G. (Andre the Giant), Diamond D, Lord Finesse, Fat Joe, O.C., Buckwild, and the late Big L have at least one classic album under their belts.

Although they never reached the success of their multiplatinum peers, individually they became successful by maintaining their integrity and earning major respect within the rap community. Lord Finesse (born Robert Hall) is a legendary MC-turned producer who has produced tracks for Notorious B.I.G. and Dr. Dre. He shopped his demo to various record labels and eventually dropped the first of several records, his 1990 classic Funky Technician. One of the oldest members in the D.I.T.C. crew, Diamond got his first whiff of hip hop DJing for Jazzy Jay of the Zulu Nation in 1979.

In the mid-’80s, he was turntable scratching at late-night park parties, often competing with area top DJs. In 1992, this DJ, then a producer, showcased New York City’s underground talent and his rap skills on his classic debut Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop. Showbiz & A.G. were the first to adopt the do-it-yourself attitude by releasing their 1992 debut EP, Can I Get a Soul Clap, practically out of the trunk of their cars. Showbiz, a name he stolen from an old Richard Pryor record, pioneered taking an instrumental and looping voices over it. His partner A.G. was known as the Bronx’s “punchline” rapper.

In 1999, A.G. restarted his rap career with his solo CD Dirty Version. Meanwhile, another Bronx native named Buckwild, started producing tracks around 1994. He later delivered melodic beats for rap heavyweights like Fat Joe, Notorious B.I.G., Big L, Mic Geronimo, and Big Pun. But it was his first at-bat, producing tracks for O.C.’s Word Life in 1994, that established him as a vital producer in the underground rap scene. O.C., one of hip hop’s most energetic lyricists, was an up-and-coming MC before Word Life. After the album’s release, he made numerous guest appearances on other D.I.T.C. members’ records while maintaining a low profile. The final member of D.I.T.C. was Big L, a lyrically ferocious MC with raps deadlier than a snakebite and mannerisms cooler than the uptown pimp he claimed to be on records. Calling himself the flamboyant (meaning “rich”) MC, he dropped his classic 1994 record Lifestylez ov da Poor and Dangerous on Columbia. He was gearing up for a comeback, with a second CD due for release on Rawkus, when he was slain on February 15, 1999.

The crew came together later that year for a memorial concert and recorded a self-titled group record in 2000. Today, their music still stands as a living legacy in hip hop, and will continue to do so for years to come.



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