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Test Driving the Lincoln MKZ in New York City #QuietLuxury

It’s always a pleasure when I get invited to attend Lincoln events. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t? You get to see some of the latest innovations that the grand champions of #QuietLuxury have to offer. This time around I was invited to test drive the Lincoln MKZ in the streets of New York City. Now if you haven’t heard of the MKZ, it’s a mid sized premium sedan. In the auto world, the mid sized Sedan market is the largest. It has the most competition which makes what a car company puts out even more special.  This MKZ is the mid-year update and does not disappoint.

“Our customers are looking for three attributes in a luxury midsize sedan – technologies that ease their everyday experience, a beautiful design that is crafted with attention to detail, and a vehicle with impressive power that makes it a pleasure to drive,” said Kumar Galhotra, president of Lincoln. “The new Lincoln MKZ elevates all of these attributes – and many more – to create a compelling entry in this large and highly competitive portion of the luxury market.”

I asked Solom Song; the designer of the MKZ, what was his inspiration behind the design, and he told me that his inspiration came from heritage, Subtle lines, and that Nature was big for him. It’s the Human side of design.

I loved the passion from the people that were at the table. no change to just make a change (for change sake)
“Everything needs to serve a purpose” Solomon.


What can I say about actually driving the car in the streets of crowded New York City? Well, lets start out with the way the car knows whats going on around it. I mean pedestrian safety, blind side safety and my favorite new feature; the “Auto Hold”. This feature is perfect for city driving. It lets you remove your foot from the break when stuck in traffic. Everyone that has ever been caught in traffic knows what a pain it is the keep your foot on the brake. Most people may actually put their car in park to avoid leaving their foot on the brake, but Lincoln has managed to solve the problem.

The smooth ride surrounds you while you get a massage. wait a massage? YES a massage. the 20 min massage is easily started and will massage you while you drive. Whether you are driving for 10 min or an hour, everyone deserves a massage.

Heated and cooled front-seats provide extra comfort while the usb outlets in the back seat can help you actually help you on those long family road trips.

Here are some images of the Lincoln MKZ I drove.