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The Following Season 3 Episode #2 – Boxed In

The Following 1Insane party of one your table is ready!

Mark clearly has an axe to grind and is out for vengenace since Max killed his twin brother Luke and Mike killed his mother Lily?  He’s a psychopathic serial killer so he gets NO love from me dammit!  You can tell he took their deaths very hard because it’s almost like he absorbed his twin brother and the two nut jobs have now become one bigger nut job.  Now that he’s building a following of his own, what does he have in store for Ryan and Team FBI?  Your guess is as good as mine but whatever it is best believe it won’t be pretty.

Since his arrest last week, Andrew has been a handful giving Ryan and Mike a hard time.  Just when you think you’re getting through to him, he flips the script yet again letting you know that you’re wasting your time. After a little digging the dynamic duo discover that Andrew is the mystery man that came to Mark’s rescue at the end of last season.  What they also uncover is a connection between Andrew and Joe Carroll and the link between them may surprise you.  Let’s just say Joe may have learned from the best, but he wasn’t the only student being taught.

Meanwhile Daisy and Kyle (the Bonnie and Clyde duo who get off on killing together) target a family member of one of the team.  Oh God so who are they after this time?  It’s not Ryan or Mike that’s for sure, so who are they going after this time?  The answer surprised me as it should surprise you too.  As Mark avoids a close call with the FBI he reaches out to Neal.  Neal?  NOW who the hell is Neal?  Just a docile, mild mannered NASTY son of a bitch with a penchant for torture.  What’s even more frightening then his specialty is his presentation of his victims.

With all that I’ve said I know that the biggest question on ALL viewers minds…WHEN are we going to see Joe Carroll again?  Who’s to say?  What can be said is that he’s still in federal custody and awaiting trial.  Until that time you’ll just have to fall in like the rest of the millions that tune in each week.  An all new episode airs tonight at 9pm.

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