Top 25 #Freestyle Songs of all time

"Top 25 #Freestyle Songs of all time"


So growing up in the era I did, Freestyle music was a staple in my life. TKA gave me the moves, while Noel, George Lamond and Soave gave me the break up songs. So while I could theoretically say that this list may be biased, this is the top 25 Freestyle Songs according to


Top 25 Freestyle Songs of all time

25.T.PE – Then Came You
24.Judy Torres – Come Into My Arms
23.Lil Suzy – Take Me in Your Arms
22.Corina – Temptation
21.Sweet Sensation -Love Child
20.Safire – Boy I’ve Been Told
19.Voyce – Within My Heart
18.Nyasia – Who’s Got Your Love
17.Noel – The Question
16.Stevie B – Spring Love
15.Cover Girls – Show Me
14.Body & Style – Listen to My Cries
13.Expose – Point of No Return
12.Cynthia – Change On Me
11.Abby Lynn – No More Tears
10.Coro – Where are you tonight
09.Soave – If you want me
08.Cover Girls – Inside Outside
07.Johnny O – Fantasy Girl
06.George Lamond – Bad of the Heart
05.Lisette Melendez – Together Forever
04.Noel – Silent Morning
03.Soave – Crying Over you
02.TKA – Maria
01.Cynthia & Jhonny O – Dream Boy / Dream Girl

Honorable Freestyle Song Mention:

Tiana – First True Love
Expose – Come Go With Me
Tolga – Sending All My Love
Sweet Sensation – Hooked on You
Cover Girls - Because of You
Lisa Lisa – I Wonder If I Take You Home
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Can You Feel the Beat
Nice & Wild – Diamond Girl
Chrissy-Leece – Love Desire
Latin Rascals – Arabian Knights
Giggles – Love Letter
Giggles - What Goes Around Comes Around
Giggles – He Said, She Said
Expose – Seasons Change
D’Zire – Forever Amor

You mad? What I miss?