Tribeca 2018 Review: Laboratory Conditions

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"Tribeca 2018 Review: Laboratory Conditions"
Marisa Tomei as Emma Holloway in LABORATORY CONDITIONS. Photo credit: Ben Kutchins.

Academy award winner Marisa Tomei, Academy award nominee Minnie Driver, Paulo Costanzo, Lisa Renee, Robert Scheid and John Kearney dive deep into a 16 minute roller coaster that will cause a philosophical debate.

Marisa Tomei playes Emma Holloway, a doctor on the hunt for her missing patient. The16 minute short is a “Holy sheit… wait, I need to watch this again” type of film.

The premise? Checking for the existence of a soul.  Does it exist? what happens to it? And can Science answer the question.

To me each character represented a different persona. From the believer, the convertor, the doubter, the watcher and “death”.  This examines the never ending tug-of-war between Faith and Science, Good and evil and polar opposites.

This is a must watch short film and I will stand by my opinion that this short film will be award-winning pretty soon.

(From left to right) Robert Scheid as Dan, Paulo Constanzo as Robiins, and Minnie Driver as Marjorie Cane in LABORATORY CONDITIONS. in LABORATORY CONDITIONS. Photo credit: Ben Kutchins.

This is a 16-minute journey through the never ending question – What happens after we die?


Cast and Credits

Director: Jocelyn Stamat
Producer: Joe Russell
Screenwriter: Terry Rossio
Cinematographer: Ben Kutchins
Composer: Andrew Kawczynski
Editor: Robert Scheid
Cast: Marisa Tomei, Minnie Driver, Paulo Costanzo, Lisa Renee, Robert Scheid, John Kearney


About the Director

Jocelyn StamatJocelyn Stamat, M.D., is currently adapting the League of Legends online game as an animated series for Riot Games. She created the web series Turbo Dates, featuring Whitney Cummings and Elisa Donovan, received her medical degree from the Duke University School of Medicine, and is a member of the Writers Guild of America.