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Twist | Tribeca 2019 Review

Twist (movie)
Hannah (Helena Howard)

The music alone sets the tone for how this film turns out. Ice cream store clerk Hannah (Helena Howard) succumbs to peer pressure that could potentially be fatal as a group of guys prey on her. 

I think this film could have used a bit more time to unfold. Great writing, great score. I wish it was just flushed out a bit more. 

Cast & Credits

Director: Aly Migliori 
Producer: Zander Fife 
Screenwriter: Aly Migliori 
Cinematographer: Cory Geryak 
Composer: William Ryan Fritch 
Editor: Aly Migliori 
Co-Producer: David Olmsted, Caroline Conrad, Megan Seely 
Cast: Helena Howard, Megan Seely, Henry Dwyer, Mike Donovan, Justin Hofstad, Matthew Russell