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War Paint | Tribeca 2019 Review

An 11 minute journey that tackles the reality of war from the perspective of a single solider as his seemingly normal mentality has to grip the idea of war and what happens when you come home.

I would venture to say that there’s a high percentage of men and women that have gone through this same experience during every modern war (since there’s a recruiter involved) 

Cast & Credits

Director: J.C. Doler, Taylor Bracewell 
Producer: J.C. Doler, Taylor Bracewell 
Screenwriter: J.C. Doler 
Cinematographer: Alexander Jeffery 
Editor: J.C. Doler 
Executive Producer: Alexander Jeffery, Benjamin Höller, Tamra Corley, Gary L. Blake 
Cast: J.C. Doler, Alex Dafnis, Eric Kirton, Chris Alan Evans, Paul Petersen, Clayton Henderson