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Welcome back Jordin, you have been missed!

Jordin Sparks - Right Here Right NowAfter 6 year hiatus which included a few movie roles, a change in record labels and the end of a high profile relationship, Jordin Sparks is most certainly BACK and READY to once again take center stage.  Before I get into the new album, I want to talk about the journey it took for Jordin to get to this point.  After winning season six of American Idol, Jordin was signed to Jive Records (home of Chris Brown, R.Kelly and Britney Spears to name a few) who released her first two albums (her self titled debut and the follow up called Battlefield).

After Battlefield (which I felt the label NEVER fully supported because that album SHOULD have taken Jordin from new kid on the block to music superstar), Jordin’s career expanded into feature films.  She made her cinematic debut in the remake of Sparkle opposite the late GREAT Whitney Houston (RIP Nippy).  She followed that up with a role in the indy drama The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete alongside Oscar winner (and former American Idol contestant) Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls), Jeffrey Wright and Anthony Mackie.  Fast forward to the fall of 2011 when the RCA Music Group decided to dissolve Arista Records, J Records and Jive Records (which Jordin was signed to) and transplanted all artists signed to those labels over to RCA Records.  Unfortunately for Jordin, her venture into film along with RCA not recognizing her talent inevitably caused the label to release her from her recording contract.  Don’t you fret because Jordin found a new home signing with Louder than Life, which is part of the Sony family, so she’s JUST fine now.

Though her debut had a few good tracks (This is my now, Tattoo, No Air, One step at a time, Next to you, God Loves Ugly), it wasn’t the best project to showcase a voice like Jordin’s.  Battlefield (her sophomore effort) on the otherhand did, showing just how HIGH Sparks can soar when given GREAT material to bring to life.  The songs It takes more, Watch you go, No Parade, Was I the only one and Postcard should’ve been released as singles.  This SHOULD have been the album to ascend Jordin’s career from new kid on the block to music superstar, but for whatever reason the album was not well received and failed to go gold.  Jordin has NOTHING to feel bad about because Battelfield was a beautiful album.  Jive Records on the other hand SHOULD feel ashamed for not doing serious promotion for the record to make it the hit should’ve been.  Maybe Battlefield (amoung other projects released  from the label) is the reason Jive Records (along with J Records and Arista Records) is no longer operating.

On Friday August 21, 2015 her brand new album Right Here Right Now was released.  Sizing up this album to her previous two efforts, I think this album showcases who the REAL Jordin Sparks is.  Unlike the previous albums, Jordin takes a soulful r&b approach and for the first time in her recording career seems in control, creating the music she wants to make and not the what a record label thinks she should be making.  Through her experiences in life, love and maturing from a teenager, Jordin the woman has done some living and has things to sing about that seemingly come from her heart.  On Double Tap she sings about not wanting her male admirer liking other girl’s pictures and asks “If you like what you see, then you gotta let me know that you won’t double tap that hoe.”  Yes she said “hoe” and I was shocked, but LOVING that she’s expressing herself freely and showing a lil sass!

Boyz in the hood finds Jordin describing her ideal man and surpise, she’s into the handsome around the way type of guy that everyone either knows, is friend’s with or just happens to be.  It is true, some of the flyest guys on the planet really are from the hood.  Silhouette is a ballad dripping with sensuality where Sparks dedicates the night to making love to her man by candlelight.  One of the main standout tracks on this album, shows just how much Sparks has grown as not just an artist, but as a woman.  Had she recorded this at the start of her career, she wouldnt have come off believable (she was a virgin back then).  It was WORTH the wait because the song IS believable and simply beautiful.  The seemingly autobiographical Unhappy (a duet with Elijah Blake) is about finding out your significant other isn’t happy.  Whether this song is or isn’t about her famous ex (you know his name so there’s NO need to mention it), it’s an eye opening situation many people have been in (myself included).  Work from home is about Jordin wishing she could make her man her job and that if that were the situation she’d work hard to make sure her man stayed happy.  Now why can’t more people in relationships think that way?

As I wrap up this review I’m going to make a statement that may ruffle some feathers, but I’m going to say it anyway because it’s how I feel.  Tell him that I love him (my FAVORITE song on the album) is in my opinion the long awaited answer back record to Whitney Houston’s Saving all my love for you.  In it, Sparks steps into the role of the wife who’s man Whitney Houston had fallen in love with.  The wife (Jordin) decides to call up her husband’s side chick and confront her, but in a divaesque classy confessional sort of way.  I challenge you to play the song, listen to every word and when it’s over you tell if I’m right or not (but I’m betting you will agree and find it to be worthy).  And WAIT until you hear the note just after the 3:35 mark to hear just how SOULFUL Jordin’s voice gets.  My GOD she gave me CHILLS!  Right Here Right Now is available in stores and online and is an album WORTH picking up and listening too.  My hope is that come grammy time we hear her name being called for the best r&b album category.  Feel free to comment on our social media pages and let us know what you thought about the album, your favorite tracks and ALL that good stuff.  Enjoy!

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