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‘Boricua Soy Yo’ by Rocco Anastasio

 Producer/Director: Rocco Anastasio
Format: Limited series with multiple episodes covering subjects below 

This project is intended to take a look throughout Puerto Rico’s history and focus on events, influences, culture, and adversities that have shaped the direction of the island and its people, from annexation in 1898 through to the 2019 Political Crisis that hit the island with the resignation of its governor. Through it all, the Puerto Rican people have been stoic and resilient. 

  • Citizenship, Identity, and Future Prospects 
  • The Effects of Colonialism on the Puerto Rican People 
  • Cultural Influences, Music, Language, Food and the Arts 
  • Recent Calamities, Hurricane Maria, Earthquakes, Political Upheaval 
  • Mainland Puerto Ricans versus Puerto Ricans on the island 
  • What does it mean to be Boricua? 
  • Struggle and Resistance