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Exclusive Interview with Carlos Andres Gomez

On August 23, 2017 Axe invited select media including, Complex and among others to partake in an open discussion about Toxic Masculinity and it’s impact. Moderated by world renown writer, speaker and performer Carlos Andres Gomez, the panel including grammy award winner John Legend, twenty-one year old Hunter Klugkist and a young High School student names Solomon.

Here is the whole discussion for your viewing pleasure. It was powerful!

Once the event was done, I was able to sit down with Carlos Andres Gomez for a candid one on one discussion about Toxic Masculinity and the impact that it has on our youth. Like many people we all have made fun of others, bullied, been bullied and while sometimes its comedic amongst friends theres always a dark shadow that looms around masculinity. Why is wearing pink a girls color? Why is not watching sports considered feminine. Does genitalia determine if you’re a man?

There’s so many questions that need to answered and I was so glad that I got to talk to this gentleman. Here is our Exclusive interview and hope you enjoy. Thank you to for helping us out behind the camera!