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FINDING THE A-HOLE: This Weekend on Vimeo & Slamdance

Are you an asshole? 


You probably are!

Chapters 1-3 of The Finding The Asshole Series On Vimeo Today!

“I think it’s very important for everyone to know that we are all assholes.” – Melissa Stephens

Finding The Asshole is a series of 3 short films created and directed by Melissa Stephens, co-created and produced by Tom DeTrinis, executive produced by Leslye Headland, and co-produced and starring Christine Woods. The short features are aLynchian romp through a playful yet scathing social critique that is at once absurd and haunting and incredibly funny. The first of the three chapters will be screened at Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, January 25-29 2019, featured in the all-new Episodes category which focuses on the next generation of series storytellers who are distorting familiar story structures with unfiltered or unique setups and story arcs. Said Episodes program Co-Captain Craig Parish. “We continue to support and be excited by creators who are challenging perceptions and shaping their own art with fewer creative constraints than have traditionally been in place.”

In addition to the Episodes program screening at Slamdance, all three chapters will be released on Vimeo on January 25, 2019: the first day of the festival. 

Finding the Asshole explores the mundane minutiae of the human condition to show how we’re all assholes. Chapter 1 explores the assholes of boutique clothing, Chapter 2 explores all the ways in which you can be an asshole when simply walking on asidewalk, and Chapter 3 delves into parties and horror and all of the crossover asshole cliches lurking about.


Having been lucky enough to be granted access and view these clips early, I can’t lie… I had so much fun watching them. They’re short and get to the harsh point. It’s an unusual observation of our society – and that’s part of the fun! I don’t shop at boutiques, so, I was a bit “Eh” about clip 1 even though it had its moments, but the others were extremely relatable. I, myself, have encountered a lot of what’s exposed. I love the edge the writing has and how it’s translated by all characters who give life to this rough-around-the-edge take on humanity. I found myself laughing a lot. The films are dark yet humorous, but real in a lot of ways since hey… we’re all assholes in some way, shape, or form. Being a native NYer, I know I can be in many ways! There’s something to this premise that can grow and morph into quite an engaging and entertaining series. Kudos to those involved. I can think of a lot of scenarios where assholeism can flourish!

Totally recommend it!


Online Vimeo Release:

All three chapters out on Friday 1/25/19 at

 Slamdance Festival 2019:

Screenings: Chapter 1, Finding The Asshole
Saturday, January 26th at 7:15pm- Episodes Program in the Gallery
Tuesday, January 29th at 3:15pm- Episodes Program in the Gallery

Official Site:

Finding The A-Hole


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