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IAmElemental Turns Every Girl Into A Real Life Superhero

“If you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story.” (TM) – Julie Kerwin

So let me begin with saying that I actually had spoken to them prior to going to Comic-Con. I have visited a comic book / baseball card store a couple times and while looking through their Facebook page ran into a post of them saying that they had some IAmElemental action figures in stock for sale. I went to check out what it was about and was instantly wowed. The action figures were confidence boosters; a solid foundation for young girls that gives them the inner strength to move along in this male oriented world with confidence and power.

After a brief chat via Facebook, I was very excited to actually get to meet the people behind such a revolutionary product. I arrived at comic con and made a quick b-line to their booth and had a quick chat that extended our conversation on Facebook.

You see my step-daughter has Alopecia Universalis, which means she has no hair anywhere. You would think that being diagnosed at 8 years old would be devastating for a little girl who takes pride in her hair, but now at 11, she has been my poster child for courage. After trying medicines and treatments which included steroid shots to acid on her head – yes ACID! She has taken what some adults crumble behind and has owned it. So it was fantastic for me to see action figures that exemplify those values that I see in her.

So with that being said here is our short interview with Julie from IAmElemental as she talks about the action figures.