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More Human Than Human Premiers today at SXSW

More Human Than Human premieres this Saturday March 10th, in the VISIONS section at SXSW 2018.  This fascinating new documentary delves into the increasing presence of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives, and the existential questions it raises for humanity.  

With no better place to launch than SXSW, More Human Than Human will resonate not only with film lovers or tech savvy programmers, but with anyone who has pondered the existential question of what it means to be human in a world of evolving technology.  





In this personal, playful and at times dramatic quest, filmmaker Tommy Pallota explores how much of his creativity and human values are at stake as he builds his own robot to replace himself as a filmmaker.  The complexity of tasks that smart machines can perform is increasing at an exponential rate. Where will this ultimately take us? If a robot can learn to fold a towel on its own, will it someday be able to cook you dinner, perform surgery, and even conduct a war? This film instigates this debate between futurists and skeptics, about the potential of Artificial Intelligence. The filmmakers take us on a quest of understanding these innovations, opposing views and challenging our aspirations for the future of man and machine.