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THE PYRAMID: Phoner With Lead Actress Ashley Hinshaw

The Pyramid Image101

Pharaohs and hieroglyphics and pyramids oh my!

In a recent phoner with THE PYRAMID lead Ashley Hinshaw much was discussed pertaining to her prior interests regarding the subject matter. “Really interested in Egyptology and archeology” are words that not only enhanced her character as NORA in the film, but also provide a layer of knowledge pertaining to one of the most fascinating wonders of the world.

Shot in Morocco for six weeks in the Sahara Desert generated an “energy that felt similar to what we were portraying” states Ashley. Describing it as a “horror film set in a new world,” rendered services for the film entailed interesting experiences, even “crazy dreams throughout the filming.”

Coming from a woman who confesses being obsessed with Indiana Jones when she was a kid ultimately led to her archeological interests. I’m seriously looking forward to not only the film as a whole, but her work as she finds herself (along with others) tangled in a web of unexplainable mysteries.

You can hear Ashley discuss more about her role and work in THE PYRAMID by clicking below.