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Talking ZOMBIE TRAMP Comics With Creator Dan Mendoza – #NYCC2016

ZOMBIE TRAMP by Author/Artist Dan Mendoza

Stating the obvious, talent is one of the things Comic-Con events are great at exposing more than anything else. Raw, rough, rugged talent! Artists being top-of-the-food-chain (of course), Mr. Dan Mendoza is one Rich and I encountered. Intrigued by the man’s layout of work that pierced through our soul like a knife through a zombie’s skull, we had to stop, observe, and report. Author and artist of ZOMBIE TRAMP, this unique form of comic stands second-to-none based on style, narrative, and gorgasmic appeal. Unique to its rotting core, it was great to learn about the comic. Thankfully, Mr. Mendoza was open to talk about his goregeous work.


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