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TRIUMPH: Unidos En Fuerza | Documentary on Walmart Shooting Endorsed by the City of El Paso Texas – Teaser Trailer Debut

TRIUMPH: Unidos En Fuerza is the inspirational story of how a single horrifying event can lead to countless stories of individual courage, strength, and faith of those who survived but are forced to live with its memory for the rest of their lives.The only film that is endorsed by survivors, family members and the city of El Paso, TRIUMPH: Unidos En Fuerza features firsthand accounts from those who were there — from a young father and mother who died shielding their newborn baby from a hail of bullets to a 15-year-old soccer prodigy who’s dreams of stardom ended before they ever began — we will learn about the heroic untold stories of real victims of this horrific hate crime.Sadly, in today’s America, mass shootings have become the norm, “thoughts and prayers” are a dime a dozen, and racial-hatred & violence have invaded the fabric of our society. But through these personal stories we will showcase how a community of survivors struggle to move on but are determined to make sure that hatred and division will not beat the human will.

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