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Documentary This is Not Normal collaborates with artist Robin Bell

Documentary This is Not Normal collaborates with artist Robin Bell on Trump International Hotel Projections.

The upcoming feature documentary film This is Not Normal, from Sound & Vision Productions, collaborated with artist Robin Bell on a series of projections onto an outer wall of the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington D.C. on Saturday evening. The series of projections, some of which will apear in the film, featured messages like “This place is a shithole,” “This is not normal,” “stay vigilant,” “#resist,” and a stream of poop smiley-face emojis. It also included projections on other D.C. buildings, including “A Film By Matt Ornstein” and additional film credits. The collaboration received over 5 million social media views within 24 hours of posting.

This is Not Normal is a political documentary currently in production. It is directed by Matt Ornstein and produced by Noah Ornstein and Matt Ornstein, whose previous documentary Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America, about a black man who befriends members of the KKK, was awarded a special jury prize at the 2016 SXSW Film Festival and aired on PBS’ Independent Lens.

Featuring author and conservative journalist David Frum (The Atlantic, Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic), This is Not Normal examines the 2016 election and the first year of the Trump administration. Offering a comprehensive and fascintaing look at what the politics of our current moment say about our country and ourselves, the film also includes interviews with Fareed Zakaria (CNN), Dan Rather, Timothy Snyder (Historian, Author), Sam Harris (author, neorscientist), Mark Cuban (Entrepreneur), Anne Applebaum (Author, Washington Post), Gary Kasparov, David Brooks (New York Times), Kenneth Vogel (New York Times), Bill Pedutpo (Mayor of Pittsburgh), Karl E. Williams (Allegheny County Coroner), Sam Quinones (Journalist, author Dreamland), Christopher Dickey (European Editor The Daily Beast), Malcolm Nance (author, MSNBC ), Bill Browder, John Dean, Jonathan Allen (author Shattered), and many more.

Sound & Vision Productions is led by award winning filmmaker Matt Ornstein and was founded in Los Angeles in 2010. Sound & Vision actively produces and develops documentary and scripted films as well as episodic series.

Sound & Vision produced Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race and America which won jury prizes at the SXSW Film Festival, the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, the Napa Valley Film Festival, Calgaray Film Festival, and was named a Critic’s Pick by the New York Times. The film was distributed by Netflix and PBS Independent Lens. Sound & Vision is currently wrapping production on This is Not Normal and is looking forward to a premiere in spring of 2018.

Robin Bell, founder of Bell Visuals, is an award-winning editor, video journalist, and multimedia artist based in Washington, D.C. Robin works on a range of creative, political and public interest projects.