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Ford and The North American International Auto Show Coverage #FordLatino

There’s something special to be said for a brand that believes in your work the same way you do theirs. This year Ford Motor Company invited CorrienteLatina to cover the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.  They took this opportunity to really talk about the future and mobility. Something that they touched alot on at Ford Trends; Check out CorrienteLatina’s coverage of Ford Trends.

The key stand-out to me was this:

How do you improve people’s lives by making it easier to move around?

This is the fundamental question that Ford Motor Company is trying to answer.  Mobility is key, but what exactly is mobility?

and how is Ford trying to re-imagine the City of Tomorrow?

This concept is phenomenal. Imagine a totally autonomous fleet of vehicles that can take you to and from anywhere? Imagine how many hours that can save you by being able to do other things?  What about:

  • No Accidents
  • No Emissions
  • No Congestion


Re-Imagine the shared commute!


I am sure that is enticing to many of us. Ford is on the fore-front of thinking on how mobility can be integrated into our lives to make life better. Ford also revealed that both the Bronco and the Ranger are returning to the fleet.


What event can be complete without some great entertainment right? Ford always impresses as Poet Jessica Care Moore and Bassist player Marion Hayden gave a powerful performance about mobility.


A few more social media entries:

Thank you Web City girls, Hispanic Motor Press, Ponderela, Bill Howard, Eva Smith, Roberto CarlosMixed Up Clothing and especially Ford / Ford Latino for making this such a great event.