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Fox airs “Empire” Season 1 Episode 2: The Outspoken King

Empire-1Were you one of the 10 million viewers that tuned in to the series premiere of Empire? Did Cookie make you go “OMG” over the things she said and did? How many of you fell in love with Jamal? Were you surprised by the secrets Lucious is keeping? Are you HUNGRY for a new episode? Well get ready because TONIGHT the NEW HIT series from Fox is back with an ALL NEW episode.

The war between Cookie and Lucious continues to heat up, a new r&b singer signed to the label catches Hakeem’s eye, Lucious sets up a showcase for Hakeem’s debut, Cookie gets an assistant, Bunkie’s body is what!? And Jamal gears up for a press conference to officially – woah! Did that wet your appetite for the next episode? GOOD and if you’re smart you’ll be tuning in tonight to see all this and more unfold.

With it’s impressive cast and even more impressive people behind the show, Empire has everything it needs to hold the attention of the tv viewing audience. Don’t be one of those people at the water cooler tomorrow clueless as to what everyone else is talking about. Empire’s second episode, The Outspoken King, airs tonight at 9pm on Fox.