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Gotham Epsiode #13 – Welcome Back, Jim Gordon


Last week we learned that new love is in the air, someone was killed and Don Falcone got the jump on Fish Mooney.  Fish’s double crossing treachery gets her relieved of her duties, stripped of her power and tortured.  But how will she take to being tortured?  If telling her torturer “That’s all you got?  You are going to bore me to death fella!” is any indication, this chick has balls and BIG one’s at that!  Will Fish get deep fried or will she show Don Falcone just how BAD a bitch she really is?

Meanwhile Jim and Harvey’s latest case turns out to be more than they bargained for after a witness to a murder gets murdered themselves and while at the precinct.  WTF?  Even at a precinct you can’t be safe?  This doesn’t sit well with Jim and as the duo dig deeper they uncover a new web of corruption that leads right back to the GCPD.  Say it isn’t so, somebody at the GCPD?  YES and just WAIT until you see who it is!!!!!

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle both return, but it seems that the friendship between the youngsters has hit a snag.  Did Selina JUST tell Bruce what I think she said?  Is this the beginning of the end or the beginning of something more?  All (and more) will be revealed on an all new Gotham tonight at 8pm on Fox.