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HBO Latino Presents Yandel – Legacy Live Red Carpet Event

HBO Latino celebrated Yandel and his upcoming concert with them “Camino Al Concierto and Legacy: De Lider a Leyenda” at what I want to say was one of the most innovated media events I have ever been to. As we walked into the Center 548 building, you had no idea what was about to take place. The building seemed like empty floors with each floor having its own set of responsibilities. media was escorted via what can only be described as a freight elevator totally repurposed with Yandel artwork, couches and crates.

Elevator Images

But enter the top floor and the motif totally changed, the well designed set was reminiscent of bleacher seating which was perfect considering that everyone would be able to view the Q&A without  any interference. Inside, the red carpet was already set up with Media lined up to take pictures of the celebrities as they made their way through the red carpet. unconventional in its set up, but great for us media as we were able to take some great shots of them as they paraded through. Check them out below.

Red Carpet Images


Once the red carpet was done, we were escorted to another section of the floor where a party was set up complete with small booths that were set up to both entertain the crowd and push social media about the event out to the masses directly from us – the media!


Whatever you were into, I felt there was something there to do. Network with other Media professionals, talk to old and new friends, try out the photo booths from above or merely enjoy the music and sip on some of the newest flavors of Red Bull. If you were wondering what 50 Cent was doing at a Latino event, well you know he did a couple of songs with Yandel already so they are quite chummy with each other, but 50 Cent also Sponsored the event with his new Vodka EFFIN. HBO Latino made sure that the Heinken was flowing all night as you can see from my Instagram pic above.  After some time of this, we were all then escorted back to the other side (remember the one with the bleachers?) yep! it was Q&A time and you can check those pics out below.

Q&A Images


All in all you couldn’t have asked for a better event and it went off smoothly. Hope you guys enjoyed taking this walk with me. Comment below or simply like to show the world that

Latinos Support Each Other!