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If it’s cute you want, cute you’ll get. | A DOG’S JOURNEY: Review

Josh Gad (voice) and Dennis Quaid star in A DOG’S JOURNEY | © Universal 2019

If you’ve seen one dog adventure film, you’ve seen them all. To say A DOG’S JOURNEY is formulaic would be an understatement. However, these movies tend do well and always welcomed as we can never get enough of man’s best friend.

The movie moves on with Bailey’s journey, through time and several reincarnations as he (sometimes she) continues to watch after its loved ones through thick and thin! Decently executed, it is both highly emotional (exploring a depth to Dennis Quaid’s talents quite frankly I’ve never seen before) and also engaging. Like most films, it doesn’t go without its flaws as there are some stiff moments of acting in places, but it’s still a piece that is so cute, it’s hard to dislike – and I say that as a reptile-loving person! Personally, I enjoyed A DOG’S PURPOSE (2017) a bit more, but if you’re looking for something that is still enjoyable and simple to the core of of family friendly, it’s perfectly fine to go on this JOURNEY. It’s a break from all the overblown and overwhelming stuff that pertains to superheroes, profanity, violence, or mediocre animation.

It is a sequel, so, I do advise having watched PURPOSE first. The story of Bailey and his/her adventures are a thrill that metaphorically represents the whole “Gordian Angel” adventures. If you’re a crier (like most who attended the screening I did), take a tissue, or two, or three, or a box… especially important to have during its last 20 minutes or so of its run. As a whole, the film is a sweet and charming experience.


Grade: B / Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family, Fantasy / Rated: PG / Run Time: 1:48

Starring: Josh Gad (voice), Kathryn Prescott, Betty Glipin, Dennis Quaid, Marg Helgenber, Henry Lau

Directed by: Gail Mancuso


© Universal 2019