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Jodeci releases second track in two months “Every Moment”

Jodeci - 2014 (Rolling Stones)
Jodeci – 2014 (Rolling Stones)

Jodeci’s Diary of a Mad Band was the R&B album that most of my crew from Syracuse used to either try to seduce the ladies or use as phrases to be funny with said Ladies. The chants of “But Baby I would cry for you” or “You got Be feenin’” was all over. After the group’s last album “The Show, the After Party, the Hotel” and Jodeci went their separate ways, KC and Jo Jo went to become stars in their own right and the other members like Devante Swing went on the writing and producing. Mr. Davlin dropped “Met.A.Mor.Phic” in 2000 to a luke warm reception and Egomaniac in 2012.

Now its 2015 and Jodeci has returned with two brand new songs. “Every Moment” and the December released “Nobody Wins” which deals with Domestic Violence. Which is a great song because of its message. But its not to say that they sounds like they did back in the day. But how can you after almost 20 years.  People grow up, change and the mentality is different.

While I like the tracks, let us know what you guys think.  Here are both.

Jodeci “Nobody Wins” ft B.O.B (Lyric Video)