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A RIVER BELOW | Movie Review – Tribeca Film Festival 2017

A RIVER BELOW exposes the Amazon in all its glory. Exposing the actions of environmental activists utilizing media during an age where facts are relative, the film follows a South American, reality TV star (Richard Rasmussen) and a renowned marine biologist (Dr. Fernando Trujillo) as they embark on a dangerous journey to save the Amazon Pink River Dolphin from being slaughtered into extinction. What seems promising is captured throughout fantastic, aerial overview and educational introductions, but once the piece sinks deep within the abyss of murky existences, the film uncovers hidden complexities that seem far from having any kind of solutions.

When it comes to global issues, hashtags have been, are, and always will be bandwagons for the lazy. While they may bring “awareness to a cause,” nothing compares to the actions of those who are actually doing something about something. Without doubt, A RIVER BELOW is one of the most powerful films I’ve seen this year. It’s informative, straight-forward, sad, aggravating, and most of all educational. Our environment is something I’ve felt for years has been taken for granted. This film exposes another chapter that confirms it for me. Man, without doubt, is indeed the root-of-all-evil. We need more environmental activists like the two heroes in this film. In the end, it’s a Catch 22, but without fearless voices, how would we have any awareness. Complications become even greater when governments turn their heads for the all mighty buck. I hope more is done for the Pink River Dolphin, as well as the poor souls who suffer from this ordeal. Very touchy and passionate. It’s a driving piece that will live in your mind once you’ve viewed it.


Grade: A / Genre: Documentary (English, Portuguese, Spanish) / Run Time: 1:26

Starring: Fernando Trujillo, Richard Rasmussen

Directed by: Mark Grieco

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