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Shows canceled during the 2014-2015 season

Cancelled-2420429-750x400Was one or more of your shows canceled this season?  Seems the 2014-2015 season saw a HEFTY slew of shows put on the chopping block by not one but ALL five of the major networks.  Some got the axe in the begining of the season, some given the word mid season and the rest just received the news this week as the networks announced the shows not returning for another season.  Many were new shows that debuted this past season (ABC’s Selfie, Fox’s Backstrom and NBC’s Allegiance to name a few) while some have been on the air for over a year.

Among the list of cancelations were three surpises, the action drama The Following (3 seasons) starring Kevin Bacon and sitcom The Mindy Project (also 3 seasons) starring Mindy Kaling both from Fox as well as the ABC sci-fi drama series Ressurection (2 seasons) starring Omar Epps.  They are surpises because all seemed likely to be renewed for next season yet all were given the axe by their respective networks.

From the list of shows canceled this season I can honestly say that 14 of them I either watched (The Messengers on The CW which my very next piece will be on) or wanted to watch (CBS’s Stalker and ABC’s Forever) but I never got around to watching due to other shows airing during the same night and timeslot and 1 which never aired (Hieroglyph) that I was curious about though will never get the chance to see what it could have been.

Below is the full list of shows given the axe this season.  I’ve broken up the list into 6 categories:  freshmen – which are shows canceled in their first season, shows that had two or more seasons, series finales, shows canceled that never aired on television, shows looking for new homes and shows yet to be confirmed canceled.


A to Z ( 1 season on NBC)
Allegiance (1 season on NBC)
Backstrom (1 season on Fox)
Bad Judge (1 season on NBC)
Cristela (1 season on ABC)
Forever (1 season ABC)
Gracepoint (1 season on Fox)
Manhattan Love Story (1 season on ABC)
Marry Me (1 season on NBC)
Mulaney (1 season on Fox)
One Big Happy (1 season on NBC)
Red Band Society (1 season Fox)
Selfie (1 season ABC)
State of Affairs (1 season NBC)
The Messengers (1 season on The CW)
Utopia (1 season on Fox)

Two or more seasons:

About a boy (2 seasons on NBC)
Ressurection (2 seasons on ABC)
The Millers (2 seasons on CBS)
The Taste (3 seasons on ABC)
Hart of Dixie (4 seasons on The CW)
Revenge (4 seasons on ABC)

Series finales

Glee (6 seasons on Fox)
Parenthood (6 seasons on NBC)
Parks and Recreation (7 seasons on NBC)
The Mentalist (7 seasons on CBS)
Two and a half men (12 seasons on CBS)

Never aired:

Hieroglyph (Fox)
Members Only (ABC)
Mission Control (NBC)

Looking for new homes:

Constantine (1 season on NBC)
The Following (3 seasons on Fox)
The Mindy Project (3 seasons on Fox)

Yet to be confirmed:

Battlecreek (1 season onCBS)
Stalker (1 season on CBS)
The McCarthy’s (1 season onCBS)

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