10 sitcom “Female Hotties” through the years

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"10 sitcom “Female Hotties” through the years"

Erin Moran

To many, Erin Moran is considered one of sexiest older women on television but it is her skills and her raw talent that always shines through. She got her start as Jenny Jones in the relatively popular show “Daktari” and then she became a regular on the hit sitcom “The Don Rickles Show”. Other great appearances Erin Moran made was in “The Love Boat”, “Diagnosis: Murder” and “Murder She Wrote”. Her latest television endeavors is in the cult favorite sitcom “Arrested Development” and the recent hit “Joanie Loves Chachi”, paving her name further in the TV sitcom history books. There is word that Moran is looking around for a new show to star in and it’s anybody’s guess who will be the lucky network.